My Personal Why - Raw Feeding Part 2

Moshe Moshi occasionally is hired to model or promote products or information. We have a Green Convention in Washington DC every year (promotion of Green Energy, Products, Food, tec.), and Moshe Moshi is always invited to help promote specific businesses.

As we were strolling around, we came across a company named Primal Pet that offered raw diets for both cats and dogs. The offerings were both meat grinds and mixes for supplemental eating or full nutrition nuggets (I will explain the difference in a later post). They were offering samples, and I took some (they gave me enough to feed Moshe Moshi for a week. The samples were chicken, pheasant, beef, turkey and venison; the grind and mixes I got were beef and chicken, both mixed with salmon. I took it home, read how to prepare and serve it and surprisingly Moshe Moshi did eat some of it (he liked the venison and beef the best). After a week on the raw, I noticed something; his stool was firm and didn’t smell as bad as it usually did. He was also still on meds and eating his canned food, and though I did notice a change, I thought it a fluke. I had a free food coupon from the same convention, took it to my local pet supply shop and got a bag of the Venison and a bag of the beef. I gave him a little rawer and a little less kibble and canned every day to see if his stool remained firm and to my surprise it did. I started buying the frozen bags and freeze dry foods, but still continued to feed him canned for one meal every day (feed the canned because I still not convince this was enough nutrition for him). It's still pretty expensive so far. A bag of the beef was $23 for 15 days. One grind for $5, which lasted the month.  Freeze dried would last about two months, $12.  His canned food, a case of Blue Buffalo for $30) so I was still feeding him at a rate of about $100 a month, less than before but still needed it to go way down.

He continued to do well on this regimen for about a year and when I moved into my mother’s home earlier this year I was able to give up canned food altogether, in part because I had lab test drawn for Moshe Moshi and his Vet and we were very pleased with the results. To save more money I started using mixes and grinds and adding supplemental ingredients, but for me because I have some difficulty with transportation, getting those ingredients was sometimes a challenge (sometimes the better bargain was local as oppose to online). I was considering a set up to do my grinding which would have brought down my cost even more, but what I did find was a butcher willing to grind for me and deliver. Jake’s passing and Lexi Liu’s arrival allowed me to eliminate all canned food and kibble (Lexi Liu has been on a raw diet for most of her life, but was having some sensitive tummy issues at her last home, along with just being spayed (She put on a little weight). Now I can feed both Moshe Moshi and Lexi Liu on $1.25 for each cat a day, including treats.

  • Moshe Moshi is off of all of his medications (except his eye drops).
  • Moshe Moshi’s stool is small, well-formed and almost completely odorless. 
  • No plaque build-up on the teeth. 
  • No bad breath. 
  • No farting. 
Lexi Liu and Moshe Moshi’s weight lowered. Vitals and blood work show normal levels and that the weight loss is in fat, not muscle. They eat with gusto and enjoy their bloody, raw food.
    And the kicker is Moshe Moshi has NO desire for people food what so ever, none. Lexi Liu steals people food like a piece of chicken if I leave it unattended, but 90% of the time, she refuses people food also.

    I can only speak for what this has done for my cats which have been wonderful. There is still much to learn about raw feeding, and I continue to read varying opinions about this practice. This diet is not as easy as scooping it out of a bag or a can, and though you can certainly go cheaper with canned or kibble, I believe my cat’s body condition has significantly benefited by eliminating canned and kibble. If there are any drawbacks, it is how to travel with cats on a raw diet, which I believe I have a solution with the freeze dried. My cats can exist on canned and kibble, but they thrive on raw feeding.

    I will be posting my cat’s lab results as I have them taken. Since this is their first year being on all raw I wanted to monitor their nutrition, so they take more blood test than the average well pet. Also, I will talk about food safety and handling of raw products, prep, and recipes, what ingredients are necessary and what are not, different brands and how to feed all of them.

    Thank you for reading!

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