Ho, Ho, Gobble, Gobble

Lexi Liu is not only looking at the pretty lights of her holiday stroller, but also looking for her freeze-dried turkey treat (the girl LOVES her treats).  In that vein for this entire week I am going to talk about pet food; specifically raw feeding. Yeah, I know, it's holiday season and you’d rather see the naked kidz in all their dressed-up glory. However, along with it being X-Mas it is also the coming of the New Year and that means New Year Resolutions. 

Most resolutions aren’t followed through with because we over-reach in our goal making. Studies show that our over-reach is usually about poor planning for transitions and not having enough information to decide the best course. Since we make resolutions for ourselves, maybe we should make some for our pets too.  I'm making a resolution to eat better this year, lose weight any exercise more to improve my health.  I know I'm not alone in that, but maybe your resolution can include having your pet exercise, maybe lose weight and certainly eat better.

Moshe Moshi and Lexi Liu are completely raw fed now (no people food at all) and it has so far set them on the path to better health.  Feeding them like this has garnered me a myriad of questions, arguments, ridicule and condemnation from pet owners, laypeople and professionals in pet care. However, none of them can argue with the results; good weight, good dental, good digestion, good skin. I am taking the entire week  on this subject because I wanted to explain carefully about not only the practice, but also why I chose raw feeding for my cats (my reasons may surprise some of you). There is tons of information out there and that can be daunting to get through and know what is good for your pet. I hope reading about a regular person without anterior motives or nothing to sell can provide you a personal, anecdotal perspective. I am by no means an expert, nor am I'm saying I have all the answers.  My contention is that we as pet owners should always make informed choices about your pet's health and not just leave ti up chance or what you are told.

I’ll give you the "why" for my cats, the research and information sites, definitions and types of raw feeding, equipment and recipes for making your own and companies to do it for you. I’ll also talk about how to talk to your Vet professional; what question to ask and not ask (yes, you read that right).

I hope you find this interesting and encourage your feedback (negative and positive) because open discourse benefits us all.

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