CAPTION THIS - Words for Wednesday

As some of you may know, I do a big production creating Holiday Cards every year.  For the last decade, these cards have featured the cats. This year is no different, although this is Lexi Liu's first time on the card.

To say we had a hard time getting a curious, playful girl and a grouchy boy to stand still and look at the camera is a HUGE understatement. Although we did have fun (maybe not so much for Moshe Moshi), my photographer did the best he could under the circumstances.  I'm happy with what I was able to do with the pictures.  This picture is one of the out-takes, and I was wondering if you could caption it for me. Twitter hashtag #NHPHOTO to enter.

Best Three(3) will post on our blog and FB page and get you a Smithsonian T-Shirt!

We notified winners on the 20th of December 2015 and will post the winning memes on the December 23rd Blog Hop!

For clarification, I am an employee of the Smithsonian Institution. Though the staff of the Smithsonian loves my kitties, this T'shirt offer is not the Smithsonian's endorsement of my blog, nor am I being asked to or paid by the Smithsonian to offer T'shirts.


  1. You have the tuna so you have my attention.

  2. "No...tilt the tree more to the left. Your other left. No, it's still not straight."

  3. "I am the cat of Christmas present! Now where is that present?"

  4. Master of Disguise-
    "Am I not turtle-y enough for the turtle club?"

    See video:


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