Peaceful and Thankful

We had a rather peaceful Thanksgiving. Mom went over to see my sister, her grandson, and great-grandson while I spent the day with the naked kidz.  

I usually volunteer on Thanksgiving (family tradition), bat my plans fell through and getting to the shelter from mom's home is not easy; will have to plan it better next year.  I was feeling a little blue, missing Jake and Maus and not feeling very social.  I sent pumpkin bread over with my mom and Sisler sent back a bit of the day' feast.  Lexi & Moshi took a stroll with me once around the park and then spent the remainder of the day staring out windows and sitting in sun puddles. They had Venison for dinner (another family tradition).  They enjoyed it, and I love to watch them eat.

We will have tons to write about coming this week so everyone has a wonderful weekend and we'll talk. 

Today is Small Business Saturday so remember to support your community and buy local.

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  1. We're iced in -ish, so we've spentt he holiday hermiting too. That can be nice. We know you must miss your two who are no longer with you so we send many purrs your way. ~ The Three


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