An A-Meow-zing Weekend

It was the best fun we'd had in awhile, and boy did we need it.

Since we moved to take care of Mom, we haven’t had the chance to go out much. Since Jake died, we hadn’t wanted to go out much at all. I still hear him talking to me sometimes while I’m trying to sleep. I miss Jake, as I also miss Maus.  It's been a rough year, but you know, Lexi Liu is certainly putting her stamp on our hearts and doing her very best to keep us from feeling sad.

We've had events in August and September canceled due to inclement weather.  With the adjustments, we've had to make it has put me behind in some of our plans.  The lack of free time and public exposure didn’t give Lexi Liu much time to get used to hopping around the town with me in the stroller, or in the new sleepypod. Though she has adjusted well to being with Moshe Moshi and me, we still wanted her to participate in the activities of Meir Cats do.  She wasn't accustomed to traveling and having had of couple of panicked moments that resulted in some gastric/renal "accidents."  The weather is cooling. Opportunities for acclimation to travel, larger crowds, and riding in a stroller were closing fast. When Teri of “Coco, the Couture Cat” blog asked us to come down for a weekend and spend Halloween with the kitties, I admit, I was a little nervous and had to work up the will to accept the invitation. However, we missed seeing them, so we said yes and rode down.


The Lake Anne community of Reston Virginia was having a “Howl-O-ween” Parade and gathering on the 31st, and Miss Coco was going to enter into a pet Halloween costume contest. We were just going in support of her and Miss Coco and to support the community event. As a gift for the season, Teri bought us a skeleton cat, appropriate since I’m into that kind of stuff.

Inspired, I decided to take a chance on the kidz and participate fully in the event. We went to the store; got some autumn-type things, some candy, a pumpkin and a skeletal mouse companion for our new cat. Lexi Liu was going to borrow one of Moshe Moshi’s character hats and be my lizard. Moshe Moshi, the bird of the season…no, not a turkey, a Cardinal! With a handy swath of colorful polar fleece, our presentation was complete. I call it, An Autumn Nature Walk. You’re likely to see many things in autumn; beautiful colors as the leaves turn, birds gathering nesting, lizards fattening up for a long winter’s sleep, as because this is the season at draws toward the end of life's seasonal cycle, you see the end that awaits us all. Yeah, pretty morbid, but like I said, I’m into that kind of stuff.

As we strolled around the lake, the response was so positive; we were encouraged to enter the costume contest. Once we knew we would not be competing against Miss Coco, we decided to go for it in the category of “cross-species”; pet dressed as a different animal than the one it is. Think of it like cross dressing for Fido. Moshe Moshi slept most of the time, but Lexi Liu to our surprise was the hit of the event. She was interactive and curious, the dogs didn’t bother her, the cold air didn’t bother her, and she wore her Lizard hat the entire event; what a trooper. We had a great time.




Guess what? 


We won!  We both did.


Many thanks to Teri and all the FurryDance clan for their friendship and hospitality.

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