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On Tuesday, November 17th, Moshe Moshi and I went on a train ride to the magical land of Gaithersburg to see a new kind of pet doctor.

For years Moshe has had a wonky eye. OK, maybe that’s not the correct medical term for it, but probably describes it better than any other word.

When Moshe Moshi came to live with me; he was not a good kitty. His owner, a friend of a friend who did care about him, gave him to me to care for due to health reasons (both the friend and Moshe Moshi). I was told by a Vet that Moshe Moshi had an entropion (eyelid that turns in). At the time it was not severe, but I would eventually have to have it surgically repaired, an expensive operation that I did not have the money for at that moment. Still, I worked on the eventuality that I would have to fix it.

My focus to fix it, however, got side-tracked by Maus and Jake’s medication accidental poisoning, and though I continued to treat the infections and monitor any damage that might be caused by it, my focus and finances were on Jake and Maus and other internal family issues that needed my support.

Subsequent visits to the Vet over the past 3 years flip-flopped on the diagnosis which frustrated me deeply as I needed to plan how this was going to be paid for, but I didn't peruse it as I should have, and I felt bad about it. This year I was determined to get a definitive diagnosis and get this issue treated and fixed regardless of the cost if it could be. He's my cat, and I owe him my full attention and resources.

This is Doc Eric with Moshe Moshi. He is an Animal Ophthalmologist.

After a thorough exam and some ohs and ahs by staff over Moshe Moshi’s spiffy red beret, dandy mustache patterned outfit and chill demeanor, his diagnosis was Chronic follicular conjunctivitis with secondary porphyrin crusting and subtle blepharospasm, corneal ghost vessels. Easy, right?! Let’s break that down a little bit.

Chronic follicular conjunctivitis: Chronic infections at the eyelid usually caused by Herpes, Chlamydia or mononucleosis. These are not dissimilar from the same disease process in people. His previous owner had problems with the same disease due to is HIV status, but I’m not sure there was transmittal between the two and since I’ve never come up with any of these diseases in the years I’ve had Moshe Moshi (and neither has Lexi Liu) I have my doubts.  I should have asked Doc Eric if that was possible or probable. We don’t know absolutely that any of the three is the cause anyway since the infection only presents in one eye which is usual (an infectious disease would show in both).

Porphyrin Crusting: What looks like blood around the eye. This is the eyes’ reaction to the irritation. Not really blood, but dark enough to freak you out.

Blepharospasm: involuntary tight closure of the eyelids.

Corneal Ghost Vessels: Inflammation due to vessel growing into the cornea. These vessels are bloodless and are said to look like “ghosting” within the cornea. This is a defect of the cornea.

In short, Moshe Moshi does NOT have an entropion. He has a birth defect and a disease process that is causing inflammation that protrudes at the follicle-raising bumps that irritate the eye. The plan is to reduce the inflammation and treat the infection. This can be accomplished with medication. Neither requires surgery.

Given the luck I have had, that is the best news ever.

We are grateful for the staff at Animal Eye Care Center for giving us the best reason for a thankful Thanksgiving.


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