My Right Cheek is my Best Side

On the syndicated column by Carolyn Hax featured a question from a reader on how to reconcile being a friend to a person with cats (friend wants to cook for her, but uncomfortable about cats walking everywhere). Hax makes a point about people being overly sensitive about people’s displeasure with cats, but l have lived this issue before. Most of my friends and co-workers are not cat people and have some much-uninformed opinions if not downright superstitious beliefs about life with cats. Notice: I don’t have infectious diseases or parasites nor am I worried about kissing my cats. I do wash my hands and face more than you (allergies), and several people at Clorox and Lysol have sent their children to college based on my purchases of wipes and disinfectant alone.

Because of these habits I rarely catch colds or have infections of any sort. My cats have picked up germs from other places, but not from me in my home. I’m no neat freak by any standard. Most of my Clorox habits stem from doing allergy/ immunology work in the Army. I ran VD clinic at two military bases and let me tell you, you people are nasty compared to most cats. Don’t believe me? Swab your cell phones and do a culture (it will change your mind).

Conclusion: Carolyn Hax is much nicer than I am. I would have told you to kiss my ass, my huge, immaculate ass on the right side.

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