The Perfect Smile

As I said to Miss L of A Tonk's Tail, "Girl, you can imagine how happy I was to hear that..."

I have not had the best of luck with cats and teeth. None of it was my fault, but when your pet has to get a tooth pulled because of disease, you feel responsible. When I adopted Jake and Maus, their first Vet visit resulted in 6 extractions between the two of them. I later found out the breeder's cats had a history of gum disease. My Vet told me Jake would lose all of his teeth within five years and that was about right. Maus lost most of hers to resorption disease, the most common reason for cat tooth loss. Moshe Moshi's teeth have always done well, and now lovely Lexi has also passed the test. I attribute the two healthy chompers to genes, luck and how well they had been taken care of by previous owners.

Moshe Moshi's right eye irritation is not due to any lashed, which is good. His left eye is not damaged, but his protective inside lid on his left eye is extending out more due to the irritation and obstructing his vision so we must proceed with his surgery. I might ask for help with this but will talk about that in another post. He also received his microchip ID.

The staff at Takoma Park Animal Clinic said that both cats did very well. They also commented on their close bond. After Lexi Liu's dental cleaning, she was put in a cage by herself until the anesthesia wore off for safety reasons (when anyone awakes from anesthesia it can take a moment to realize where you are and with pets, fear can set in, and they might injure any animal in with them). She had awakened and started crying out. Moshe Moshi reacted to this from his stroller, jumped out and walk to her cage and meowed. Lexi Liu wouldn't stop crying so they put Moshe Moshi in with her and they both immediately stopped and cuddled together. Darn, they didn't get a picture of it.


  1. One of mine had tooth resorption too. I am glad your kitties did well at the vet, how sweet they wanted to be together.

  2. How sweet of Moshe Moshi to take care of his sister!


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