Scales, Hot Peaches and Butts

Shphynx cats under blanket

The questions I’m asked most often about my cats are “what do they feel like?” and “did you shave them to make them hairless?” I’m always glad to answer and if the cats are with me I invite the inquisitor an opportunity to touch the cats (I've always said they feel like warm peaches and smell like coconuts). What I’ve always found strange though is that most people I encounter (before they’ve actually touched a Sphynx) assume the cats will feel scaly and that they are hairless due to alopecia or illness. I can only guess that most people associate hairlessness with being reptilian or diseased.

No one assumes babies are scaly.

Enough of this Shit, because my time is far too important to be wasted on your Shenanigans.

I bet Picard feels smooth like baby butts.

sphynx cat with hair

I found however that Lexi Liu may support one of those assumptions. She’s not scary by any measure, but she does feel shaved. You know; that feeling on your legs or face a couple of days after you’ve shaved? It’s coarse, but only on her blue backside. The pale parts feel just like Moshe Moshi, warm and smooth. She also has far fewer wrinkles. She feels softer after a bath, but I can always tell them apart in the dark just by touch.

Either way, we don’t love her any less.

sphynx cat sunning in window

However, she does need a better Barber.


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