Frist Autumn Saturday

Though I think we will not make a point of posting on Saturdays from here on out (doing more to embrace rest on Sabbath), I woke up in a good mood and was ready to get some things done around the homestead. First, I wanted to catch up on the news, see the Pope's visit to Philly on TV and read my email.

It was chilly this morning; my having left a window open last night. Moshe Moshi was wrapped deep in fleece ne×t to me. Lexi Liu was huddled under the sheet riser, clinging to a fleece blanket. We invited her to snuggle with us, but sometimes a girl just wants to be alone. Besides, she had already heated up that spot, why move?

I was going to Crafty Bastards today, but my ride fell through, and I didn't want to cab it.  We have some events going on in October, so you will see the kidz out and about throughout the month. Today we are just going to chill, right Moshe Moshi. ...

Moshe Moshi?

Message received.

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