Almost Famous

As any respectable person owned by a Sphynx will tell you, ya gottda be on an internet feed about Sphynxes. I belong to a couple; the “Sphynx Cat Fan Club” is one of them.

 I go to my FaceBook page yesterday to read my newfeed and saw a heading for “9 Celebrities with Sphynx Cats”. I thought that would be interesting to know so I click on it to read and see something familiar:

Moshe Moshi and I have been in AP stories a few times; the most followed on being about his allergies.. But I wouldn’t have said we were famous….until now.

 Other people in the list were Kat Von D, Steven Tyler, Lady GaGa and Jennifer Aniston. See what being owned by a Sphynx will do for you! They’ll make you famous!

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