A Day at the V-E-T

I don't know why I'm spelling Vet out. It’s not like the kidz can spell, or read, or know what Vet means.

Today the kidz went to see the fine folks at Takoma Park Animal Clinic. It's Lexi Liu’s first real stroller ride of any significant length. Moshe Moshi, of course, is an old pro at strolling. Lexi Liu on the other hand, well, we've taken a couple of rides around the neighborhood, but nothing longer than 15 minutes. For this trip, she didn't do horribly, but between it being a little dark, a little cold and probably a little restrictive (she wanted to see what was going on), this wasn't her favorite thing. It was funny; Moshe Moshi looked and meowed at her like, "Relax Bitch!" Where at first she was walking all over him, she did cling to him a bit while we rode the vanpool (we did not subway it today). The ride was a little bumpy, and when we arrived at the coffee shop up the block from the clinic, the cars and trucks were too loud, a lot to take in for a first ride.

Harnesses by DORE'E Couture Dog Design. She does Cats Too!

 We lingered at the coffee shop while I had my first cup. Once people started coming up to the stroller and petting her, she relaxed. By the time we got to the clinic, she was all right.

She liked Mr. Lewis (the Vet Tech). Who doesn’t?!

Lexi Liu has her first dental cleaning. Her first Vet visit concluded she had a little tarter buildup and some gingivitis. I’ve not had the best of luck with cats and teeth, so I wanted to get her in quickly and remove any decay and infection issues. Moshe Moshi’s teeth have been very healthy and without any issues (thank you ceiling cat).

Moshe Moshi is being Micro-chipped. I never gave much thought to micro-chipping the cats before. They are not outdoors cats and when we do go out they are never out of my sight. However, I got to thinking; since there was a possibility that Moshe Moshi would go to the BlogPaws convention with me in Arizona next year, it would be a good idea to have that permanent ID just in case something unexpected happened. That was a couple of months ago while Jake was still with us and before Lexi Liu came to stay. She had ridden in a plane before and has a microchip (from when she flew here from South Africa), so I thought I would take her to the convention instead. I have since decided not to take either cat and take their stunt doubles instead (will talk about that later). I still thought it was a good idea to go ahead and have it done. They are also going to look at his eyes so I can FINALLY have his turned in lashes removed. His left eye has always bothered him a bit because of it, but they wanted an eye expert to look and see if both eyes need surgery and if his left has sustained any damage (he gets eye drops for the irritation).

I will let you know the results of our appointments tomorrow.

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