The Bullshit of Sharing is Caring

As Moshe Moshi and Lexi Liu get to know each other and as I get to know her better, there is one thing I notice about Lexi Liu that has never happened with my other cats… Lexi does not share well.

Without any prompting from me, it was always the habit of my cats to create a cat pile or rather snuggle together for warmth and comfort. It didn’t matter if it was a fuzzy blanket, with me under warm covers, cocoons or sleepy pod beds; they all found a way to get in together.

Not the case with Lexi Liu.

It’s not that she is not a sweet girl or a friendly cat. Lexi Liu at times enjoys a bit of privacy when she sleeps. I could imagine that once being a breeding cat, she may be leery of friendly males (only been six weeks since she was spayed). Not all cats take to each other’s presence instantly and her relationship to me as well as Moshe Moshi is still very new. With so many other cats in her former homes, she had to compete for attention sometimes, and she may feel she has to this with Moshe Moshi (a survival trait). I'm sure Moshe Moshi feels a need for more reassurance and seeks out intimacy more than other cats since he has lost a pet parent and two siblings all within four years.  He does not want to be alone.

Or, maybe she’s just a crazy, psycho bitch at heart and I'm just figuring this out. Nope, I’m projecting all of this. (I'm sure that's not the case)

Though 90% of the time they get alone well, being buddies will take time as it does for most pets. Either way, she is learning that Moshe Moshi is not a threat for food or attention and that she can snuggle with him and like the warmness of a mini cat pile. Most of all, she is learning that I love them both equally and unconditionally.


  1. can't blame the girl for wanting a little of her own space...but we bet she will fall for the charms of Moshe in no time :)

    1. She likes him no doubt, but a girl does like her privacy from time to time. She runs hot and cold and it's hilarious. She will groom him one minute and then smack him on the head the next. Poor Moshe Moshi is confused about it sometimes, but he never retaliates, always lays downs patiently and waits her out; such a gentleman.


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