Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

I lived my life with angels in the form of cats 

Today is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day. The page on FaceBook was created by my friend author/writer Deb Barnes, of “The Chronicles of Zee and Zoey” blog. It’s a made-up thing like any other group recognizing a particular day, nothing official. Always wanting to be supportive of my fellow bloggers I’ve posted on the page this morning.

In recent years I’ve stayed away from these things. It wasn’t because I thought they were silly or they didn’t mean anything. It is just that I wanted, to be honest, and real with my readers to say these events didn’t mean anything to me, personally. I am not a believer in the idea of “Rainbow Bridge” even going as far as editing my old post where I’ve euphemistically mentioned it as if it were real. I’ve made it a point to stick with what impacts me which is why I stopped doing St. Patrick’s, Valentine and Easter posts (I am Jewish after all) and look at my December secularly as well. I keep my religious holiday traditions and only post about them sparingly as an object lesson and not pontificate. My blog is making a content adjustment to be more regional I participate in those quirky this or that days depending on what is relevant to this region (Emancipation Day, National Parades on the Mall for example) or what I find fun like National Coffee, Donut or Ice Cream Day.

There are a couple of those made-up events that memorialize pets, and for the most part, I avoid them. I do a special remembrance of my cats on the anniversary of their deaths like I do with my Dad and other relatives and friends. I guess in my heart I find it hard to be reminded several times a year that my cats are dead and memorials are emotionally hard for me. Even as I did this one this morning, I cried as I wrote it and cried as I read it. For this FB Wall, however, I find a small comfort in posting today. I’m reading many of the post going up, and I know that what I feel is not unique or strange. Our pets impact our lives every day and having a place to publicly post not only your grief but also your joy is not a bad exercise. This won’t make me do more of these postings, but I’ll acknowledge on this day, this one actually helped.

If you wish to post about your pet, you can go to Rainbow Bridge Memorial Day (link embedded in the title).


  1. I think the Rainbow Bridge poem is a pretty nifty piece of writing, and it does make me tear up every time I read it. But I get your point about taking it literally. It can seem like much of a muchness. Good for you for supporting your friend, though.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  2. Very heartfelt post and it really tells us how you feel and where you are coming from. I like that. I try and live by the philosophy of life with my cats that Heaven is here on Earth and try and live my life with them that way, if I don't always success with my own happiness in that vein...I try and make each day here on earth heavenly for my cats. Sending my sympathy for your feline friends departed...


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