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I'm taking a long weekend to catch up on work around the house and also to spend some time with Moshe Moshi and Lexi Liu.  Both of their situations is still very new; she being uprooted from her home to live with strangers, he moving and losing his brother. Even me getting used to being in this house,  caring for Mother, missing Jake and Maus. We all have adjustments to do.

Lexi & Moshi are not 100% bonded yet, but I think they are well on their way. He is still very patient with her, and she is more accepting of his being close. She is sharing spaces with him, and that is a good sign. I hope to start training with them together very soon. The training they will be going through is therapy training. We are not so much going to do hospitals and nursing homes, rather I'm developing a literacy program for children that includes me reading stories to children and the cats helping out just by being there.  I'll give further details as training together takes place (Moshe Moshi has been training,  but not with Lexi Liu and she is new to it all). For now, we are just enjoying being together. 

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  1. Very sweet photo. Looks like a great start to a long friendship.


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