Naked in Place

Hello, naked fans. This week has been an emotional one for sure, but focusing on the love is moving us forward. Moshe Moshi and Lexi Liu are doing well. We will be working on our stroller etiquette this weekend.  Hope that Lexi Liu can have her first stroller ride. Lexi is not wild about jumping up in the strange contraption, but Moshe Moshi is eager to show her how.

The update of the blog content will also continue. Reviews and Hacks have been renamed “Mew Reviews.” We will still review pet products and the cat stuff people wear (jewelry, clothing), but we are going a little beyond this theme into people/places/things related to cats like museums. I’m especially excited about letting you see some of the objects that are cat related here at the Smithsonian. The one neat perk about working here is that I have access to many parts of the museum system most people don’t get to see on a regular visit. Sorry, South Park fans; you will not see the secret tunnels under the National Mall, but you might get to see cat shaped precious stones, mummies, fine art, and even some BIG CATS!

You should start to see our reviews in September.  Hope Moshe Moshi would let me have my tablet back so I can get to work (GET UP BOY!). Thank you for tuning in!


  1. Maybe Moshe Moshi wants the tablet to make the reviews himself :)
    Great idea to show cat related items from the Smithsonian!

  2. That sounds very interesting, I look forward to future posts.


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