Moving Forward for the Holidays

There will be a holiday card this year and yes; it will have the cats on it.

Last year for the first time since I’ve had cats, none were featured on the card. I plan my cards out months in advance; selecting cardstock, creating a design, picking a theme, choosing pictures. It was later in this hobby that I started dressing the cats and hiring photographers. All of this takes time and is nearly impossible to do during the holiday season (two years ago was our first pro-photographer card and the results were magical).

I had gotten a call from a friend the other day who had just heard about Jake. She reasonably assumed I would not do one again this year and frankly that did cross my mind. I knew for a while that Jake would probably not last the year and though he faltered earlier than expected, I expected it none the less, unlike with Maus. Though I still grieve for both, I thought it best for me emotionally that I do try to do a cat card this year. I do admit I’m not as enthusiastic about it. JJake & Maus always took the better picture. I’m falling back on the foundations of why I started doing this in the first place; It’s fun foremost, and it’s always about where I am now (in my head and heart). I owe it to Moshe Moshi and Lexi Liu to do the best by them and to have joy when we do things together. I can’t care for them well if they both live in the shadow of the two I’ve lost and the fear of losing them.

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