Let Me Explain

Thank you all for your sympathies and prayers for me and all my kidz. We are trying to adjust to life without a Jake in it, and though we are sad, we are grateful for his life with us and how he changed us, especially me for the better.

Many of you were not aware of Jake’s condition and shared a concern about Lexi being a new pet and Moshe Moshi’s adjustment.  I thought I would give an explanation of the last few years.

In late 2012 Maus was diagnosed with Kidney Disease and almost died. We concluded she ingested people medications which I thought was absurd because I count my pills (a habit). During that time my roommate and I were helping a homeless friend get back on his feet. Without the specifics of that situation, this person left our home and only after he left did we discover that he dropped his meds on the floor pushed them under the dishwasher (I don’t vacuum there often).  I had all three cats tested. Jake too sustained Kidney damage. Luckily Moshe Moshi was not injured.

Life became a set of timed routines of Medications, special diets, and Sub-Q fluid therapy and though I knew this would limit my time with Jake and Maus, none of that mattered as much as assuring all the cats had a high quality of life and that we enjoyed what time we had left together. All were doing well until 18 months later when Maus developed a lesion on her brain and died. This devastated Jake who had never known a night without Maus from the day they both came to live with me nine years earlier. Moshe Moshi being there certainly helped Jake, but he never bonded with Moshe Moshi as he did with Maus. That got me to thinking what would happen to Moshe Moshi when it was Jake’s time to go. I wasn’t ready for another cat and decided to wait.

Throughout the months Jake and Moshe Moshi did grow closer, but I could tell he missed Maus. He never ate the same, and I struggled to keep his weight up and his kidney function active. Around the time of the move, Jake started to lose considerable weight. His Vet and I tried everything but decided that maybe Jake was just ready to go, and the plan was to provide Jake palliative care and manage his pain. Before this prognosis, I had already decided I would get another cat. I was working on a literacy program that involved the cats, and I didn’t want to overwork Moshe Moshi during these events and to be honest, I missed having a girl cat around me. I wasn’t in a hurry to get another cat, but when Jake’s prognosis became grim, I remembered how badly he took Maus's death. I was concerned about Moshe Moshi losing two companions, moving to a different home and being alone in such a short space of time. I started talking with his Vet, some animal behaviorist and some of my cat friends and all agreed it would be better to get a cat before Jake’s passing. I decided Moshe Moshi needed a friend.   I hoped to have time for both boyz to bond with the new cat before Jake died. I thought Jake's death was months away.
At the end of June after searching sphynx rescues and visiting two other cat homes that had adoptees (that I didn’t think would do well in my home) I had gotten a call from a Sphynx breeder in Virginia who retired one of her females and wanted to know if I was interested in adopting her. I made an arrangement to come down after the holiday. Jake wasn't eating, and I took him to the Vet on the 6th of July. I went down to visit this new cat and on the 11th of July and brought Lexi home. I was very nervous about how or if the boyz would accept Lexi (it took Jake six months and anxiety meds to accept Moshe Moshi), but I guess miracles do happen and the boyz took to her almost instantly, and after her Vet visit and quarantine within days they were all sleeping and eating together. Moshe Moshi especially found her fascinating.

Jake still was not eating much and was skin and bones when I took him to the Vet on Friday. Because he was not lethargic, I was expecting that his Vet would give him some IV fluids and I would pick him up later that day. I was not planning for the Vet to tell me Jake was in total system failure and probably would not make it through the weekend. I didn’t want Jake to go in pain and knew this was him telling me it was time to say goodbye, so I made the decision to put him down that day. Jake and I had spent the morning eating sticky bun bread soaked in goat’s milk and sitting out in the sun. I figured that was a good note to end life on and am grateful for that memory. Jake was the best cat whose eccentricities made life with him fun and never, never dull. He was loud, and he was beautiful; how I do miss him.

The last picture of Jake.
Moshe Moshi and Lexi Liu are still not sure where Jake is. Jake had been sleeping in the blue room a week prior so I could better monitor his food/water intake. They would all be let out to run the house at this same time each morning. Both cats looked over to the blue room on Saturday morning expecting Jake to come out. I don’t think they gave it much thought until Sunday morning. When I am at work, Jake will bury himself in a fuzzy blanket that was in my mother’s room. On Sunday morning my mom called me to her room where we found Moshe Moshi buried in the same fuzzy blanket. Lexi Liu was in the sun room on the sheet where Jake uses to sit and look out into the woods. Later that day they both were curled up together in my bedroom napping. I guess they will each mourn him in their way.

Today, we are sad, but we are also in a good place, looking forward to tomorrow, together. Thank you again for your prayers.


  1. we are glad you have Lexi to help you both through the process....it is just so hard when sometimes things are just out of our control

    1. so true. i felt so powerless throughout all of this, but life is just that sometimes. though i am really sad i am so grateful to have gone through it just to be able to have each and every one of these cats in my life...I wish I could explain it better why i feel so blessed.


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