To Know You've Found "The One"

It wouldn’t be far-fetched to think I was talking about a lover when I speak of any one of my cats. I’m not sure that’s far from the real emotion. Any dedicated “pet parent” will tell you how much they love their pets. We speak of them with a fondness only seen when people talk about soulmates or children. Maybe it’s the same.

I have been visiting homes and catteries, looking on Petfinder and inquiring at breed-specific rescues (once you go naked you'll want to stay that way) to consider taking home another cat. I’ve often told my friend Teri of “Coco the Couture Cat “ and “Curlz & Swirlz” fame (Disco, Disco, good, good) about how much I miss having a trio, having a girl, how much I miss Maus. No cat could ever replace her in my heart, after all, she was the cat who chose me. I know I can’t fill the space I have for her absence, but having her in my life made me a better person for sure. A little more patient, more willing to not be so serious all the time, finding joy in the short/small/simple moments, that’s what she taught me. I want to share that with another cat, and maybe I’ll still find growth in the experience.

While catching up with emails and FaceBook, I came across an article about finding your soul mate. To be honest, call it an article is overly generous.  It's more like Buzzfeed, although this one is from the site Bustle. It listed 10 Signs You Have Met "The One.” Of course along with being able to care for an additional pet (healthcare, food/litter, companionship), let me consider the following:

1. You can be your real self with him/her – I would say having my hairless cats has made me more comfortable with me just being me. It doesn't require make-up or perfect hair, perfect diction or right spelling. I don’t have to pretend to be anyone else.  I am their caretaker, and they are family.

2. Similar life goals – Shelter, warmth, food, companionship, catnip, check (catnip is great, really).

3. You can work through things in a healthy way – I won’t hit you, and you won’t shit in my shoes if I come home late or stay out all night. The boyz will get dinner either way.

4. You feel like the luckiest person in the world – This is very true. Despite any hardships I feel so fortunate to have lived with each one of them; they have been the best cats.

5. We commit to the relationship – no one has requested or tried to leave, so I guess we want to stay. I’d understand if I get another cat, we don’t agree.

6. Anywhere is exciting for you two – I like the idea that the naked kidz want to hang out with me wherever I go, inside and out, although the bathroom is getting a little crowded.  I wish I could take them everywhere. Hurry up Amtrak; get that pet policy together so we can ride the rails.

7. Our friends and family see how happy you are – They may not be wild about me having cats much less three and bring them with me to family functions sometimes, but everyone knows how happy they make me.

8. You’re madly in love, but there’s more than that – If they weren’t happy, all the love in the world would make this the right home. We all have to want to be here.

9. You know deep down inside – I have to say I knew deep down we would be together always.

10. You want to be better – see, I was right, that's what love does for you.

Wish us luck; I have narrowed the choice down to two cats. Tomorrow I will meet each and chose out next family member.

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  1. Very cute post. Good luck- I can't wait to see your new family member when you choose.


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