Patriot at the Smithsonian - Words for Wednesdays

Moshe Moshi on his way with me to the office with me today.

He's pretty relaxed

Somehow, I don't think he appreciates being my patriot prop today (red-white-blue office contest).

However, he does like being with me in the daytime.

I think. 


  1. After looking at that last photo - I'd say you might want to re-think whether we're REALLY happy! Such a cutie, happy or pissed LOL

    1. He's feeling a little chilly in my office. We'll have to go outside and warm up a bit.

  2. I'm so glad that he got to come to work with you today! Whether he like it or not, the hat is really cute on him. I hope that he wins the office contest!

  3. How lucky for both of you that you get to take him to work with you.


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