Lexi Lui Visits the Vet

Lexi Lui made her first Vet visit yesterday at Takoma Park Animal Clinic. (right after my morning cup of coffee)

This is Lewis the Vet Tech. He has attended to all of our cats for over 10 years (clearing himself of hair from the previous client).

He takes her temp, heart rate, and weight…8.5 pounds! Guess I’ll need to watch her figure.

Dr. Dexter comes in to meet my newest naked kitty (he has to take a picture of his girlfriend).

Hey Doc, send her this one!

Checks her vitals, examines her ears, eyes, and build, runs urine and blood tests (someone needs a dental cleaning).

Goes over paperwork and test results from her previous Vet visits.

Complimentary nail trim.

She is good to go.

Next post: Lexi is formally introduced to her brothers.

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