The mistake people make when introducing a new pet to the established pet(s) is that we expect our pets to have the same enthusiasm about a new family member as we do. Though we love our pets, they are not Hairy, little people. They are animals with an entirely different way of experiencing the world and interpreting the presence of new animals.

There are a lucky few pet owners who, when introducing the new pet, the established group welcomed them with open paws. For the majority, the typical response is something akin to irritation or as bad as WW III. Try to see this from their perspective. Your new pet is:

1. An Invader
2. A Rival for position, affection or food
3. Smells funny

When Moshe Moshi came home to live with us, Maus took to him within a few days. It took me six months to get Jake to accept him. Within those months the boyz had several fights, two resulting in hospital visits. In the end, I had to get a behaviorist involved, and it required medication for Jake in the beginning. Now most people don't have or want to put in that type of time, and I say that without judgment. If you are not willing to commit to a long-term adjustment, by all means, take your new pet back to wherever you got them. However, if you can muster that much patience, the result will be wonderfully rewarding.

She has been kept in a room separate from the boyz. They have only seen her at a distance until 5 days later and after a Vet visit. Lexi Lui was a little hesitant but didn't shy away from either boy. She really likes Moshe Moshi and him, well, he sits and stares at her, like a love-sick boy. It's not menacing or threatening. She tried to groom him, and he kinda let her a little but got up, turned around to face her and just stares at her. Later he startled her, and she slapped him a couple of times, but Moshe Moshi never wanted to fight back. He just laid down, and she sat next to him.

She and Jake will take a little longer to adjust; he sniffed her and hissed. He too sat beside her at one point, but still is not sure of her yet.

They all ate together. Lexi gobbles the meals pretty quickly. She then tried to take the boyz food and they just let her (I did not). When Lexi sat on my chest to take a nap, Moshe Moshi wanted to be a part of the snuggle.

I took her back to the room to sleep for the night. Moshe Moshi made a point of snuggling up to me. Jake avoided me altogether until he was hungry, then we were best friends.

This is a process, but I think our first meeting was very positive. A little each day under supervision, I believe that we will do just fine.


  1. mom constantly has to remind adopters that it is a process that can move forward and backward and takes lots of time and patience. sounds like you are all on the right track :)

  2. Words of WISDOM. It can often take months! Hello Miss Lexi!


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