Getting to Know You

How are we doing? We are pretty good. Moshe Moshi and Lexi Liu are getting along fabulously. Jake and Lexi will take some time to be buddies, for the most part, they too are better than I thought we would be at this time.

Moshe Moshi has always been a very sociable cat. He never minded the presence of other cats or dogs and never aggressive. Lexi Lui does stand up for herself; not allowing the boyz to dominate her in the least, but she is also a bit motherly. She often seeks comfort in grooming the boyz. Jake, maybe cause he is toothless and not well is far less aggressive than I thought he’d be. He did hiss at her for the first couple of introductions, but on day four he too was lying next to her. He is 50/50 on the groom part, and he and Lexi have had a couple of face-offs, but Lexi seems to be more of the aggressor than Jake. For now Jake sleep alone in the blue room so he can take his time and eat and not be bothered with the other two.

Food will be the only issue for them; Lexi is a bit food aggressive.

Today is the first morning they are all left in the room without my supervision AND at 3 pm, let out of the bedroom by my mom unsupervised by me. I wanted to see if Lexi will do what she did this weekend; follow Moshe Moshi or just go back to the bedroom on her own. Even as the boyz have free run of the house, they tend to hang in the room until I get home. She did the same this weekend; not comfortable in coming downstairs by herself.

We walk in small steps; it will come.

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