Working Hard to Come Back

It’s been awhile, we know.

The boyz are doing fine. Jake is on his way back to the Vet. He has been WAY BEYOND his talkative self, and we need to see if he is in pain, crazy or just being a pain because he can. Moshe Moshi has been very mellow, but he always is. Comes to me for hugs and kisses; plays with me on the stairs warm my feet at night. He has been spending a lot of time in the Studio Shelter, probably because it is warmer than the bed (I’ve been keeping it cool so I can sleep better).

I’ve pretty much had my routine set. I’ve spent an enormous amount of time washing floors, reorganizing and cleaning the sunroom. I bought new computer systems and am trying to get everything set up correctly and learn new software. I am working on those new projects (the reason for our hiatus), and I’m pleased with the progress.

Sorry that I don’t have any pics today. We just wanted you to know we were still here.

1 comment:

  1. Cute photo. I hope Jake is just being a brat and nothing is wrong.


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