PRIDE 2015

Washington Humane Society Adoption Van at Capitol PRIDE

As we do almost every year (illnesses and work notwithstanding), we are at the Capitol Pride Festival.  It was very well attended, which made the air hotter than the humidity would have it.

Moshe Moshi's adoring fans

Every year they seem to be better organized, and more businesses are supporting it. It's almost like any other festival, well...except for the nearly naked men and poorly dressed drag queens..wait, nope, that was the Asian Festival on the other side.  Funny note; I did see an Indian family a bit confused about how come the festival have so many non-Indian people in it (missed that left at Albuquerque). 

Moshe Moshi was a big hit as usual.  We did have to take a longer break this time.  I am sitting in my office typing this blog post so he can cool down completely.  Like I said it is hot and there are tons of people on the Mall much less the festival and the Moshi Monster got a little overdone this time.  He's okay, and we are on our way home.

I think next year I'll book a hotel and just hang down here for a day.  With so much tourist and happenings on the Mall, I feel like I just wanna curl up like Moshe Moshi and sleep.

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