Moshe Moshi Comes Clean - Words for Wednesday

The Moshi Monster wears many colors.  He lives in a region of the United States that is one of the most culturally diverse in the country due to the nature of government and Washington D.C. being the Nation's Capitol. His own scientifically designated species has some Asian ancestry (Siamese as indicated by his blue eyes) and maybe some Eastern European origins (Russian Blue body type), but his existent is naturally occurring and carefully exploited.  The beginnings of his species started in Toronto, Canada. 

Moshe Moshi wants everyone to know though he walks on a leash, rides in a stroller, enjoys comfortable cotton T-Shirts and likes ice cream and TV on Sunday evenings, he is a pasty white naked cat.  He is a cool dude, but he is not trying to perpetrate any other type of cat identity or species of the earth.  He is not trans-feline or trans-species.

The Ma-Ma's origins are widely international (Polynesian/Asian, Aboriginal, European and African).  Any claims to know EXACTLY what her racial identity is are dubious at best. #IknowwhoIam


  1. Moshe Moshi is a great guy! He likes a lot of the same things my kitties do :) Kitties are very fortunate, they don't have trans-anything issues. They are who they are and they don't care what anyone thinks. My kitties are mixed breed and I have a number of ethnicity in my background as well.


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