Life outside of BlogPaws - Words for Wednesday

We are a little disappointed that we were not able to attend BlogPaws again this year.  Last year, Maus's illness and subsequent death kept us home and this year having to suddenly care for mother changed out plans. Life's circumstance is just that, and though we don't regret the cancellations, we do miss seeing our friends. 

There should be a live feed or two in the Hangouts, and we will watch it as it happens.  We hope all that are attending have a great time and we hope to see you next year at the convention.


  1. Aw, we aren't going this year either. At least you'll have some fabulous company - your sphynxes (is that the correct plural form??) are adorable.

    1. I always say Sphynxies, not because it is correct (yours is), but because it's funny and makes them seem like fairy folk.

  2. I too had to abort my plans at the last minute - so I can relate to this post. Thank the Doodle there is always next year.

  3. Sorry that we'll miss you at BlogPaws, but understand that life gets in the way sometimes! Take good care!


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