A Wash in Silk

I know you haven’t heard much. We are doing okay.

My work schedule has adjusted to accommodate my commute and allow for Mom's doctor visits (thank you SI for your understanding), and the boyz are starting to relax a little more and explore their new digs. It’s been awhile since I’ve had to search for a cat and they are finding some interesting spaces to hide, but food always brings them out in the end, and I haven’t managed to lose one yet.

It has taken quite a bit of time to get my mom’s home “cat-friendly”; so much to climb on/ chew on /leap off of and break, but we are almost there. The boyz have been locked in the bedroom while I am at work and I wanted that to end ASAP. I had to make her home as much of a safe place for them as I am trying to get her ready for a sparser existence for us.

They get to roam the rest now when I'm not there, although they still hang in the bedroom most of the time.  Moshe Moshi is a little freaked by the new view; I couldn't get him to go for a walk.  What has changed is that they know when I'm due home and will welcome me at the door.

My mother has lovely, large silk flower arrangements all over the house (several) and along with them being dust magnets; Moshe Moshi was finding them too tempting to resist (lovely vomited silk flowers). They had to go eventually (can’t take them to assisted living or to any new home I’m in). They are pretty.

The garage is becoming the place to sort things to sell/donate/trash. The 20 boxes are a testament to how much I’ve done so far, but a small fraction of what I still have to do. At the very least it is out of the way of the boyz. They can now jump on high tables and look out the windows.

Mother still has not quite gotten used to active cats…or any cat for that matter (as children we had fish, guinea pigs, and dogs; no cats). Moshe Moshi and Jake have both jumped on her; startling when you are not used to cats, much less them landing on your shoulders. She is amazed however at how they sit on the steps and won’t come down until she is off the steps. They will only run down the steps when no one is on them. I have no idea why they do that, but it is great. They walk over to her and talk to her and she will put out a hand to touch them. Jake really wants to be her lap cat, but that will be something more to work on.

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