Life Goes On, Anew

Passover has done so once again (passed over) and we have moved into a new dwelling. Our new home is a huge adjustment for all concerned and it will be a challenge to adapt, but we are together and that makes a big difference.

Some of you of a certain age can relate to having to confront life cycles; in our case an aging parent who can’t effectively live alone. I’ve moved in with my Mom so that my sister’s and I can better care for and determine what our family as a whole can do to make life better for her. For the boyz, this means living in a space so big that it both delights and confuses them; so much to explore but so much that is unfamiliar (they’ve never seen a fireplace before, lived with wall-to-wall carpeting nor had the run of stairs). For Mom it’s about confronting the quality of her independence, having to live with someone again (my father has been dead for almost 20 years), and adjusting to pets. We always had dogs when I was young. She doesn’t dislike cats, but has never been around cats (comes from a culture that said cats carried evil spirits and only witches owned them) and my boyz can be a chore to live with if you are not a cat person. As of today, they are finding a happy medium. They (the boyz) are very interested in this new person in their life, talking to her and wanting to warm up next to her. She is trying not to flinch when one jumps up into her lap.

For me; well…it is what it is and life does go on. I have a much longer commute to work (this is The DC-Metropolitan area where commutes can be hours long), and a new set of responsibilities to work into my schedule and budget. It’s hard to see a parent struggle in their twilight years, but in what is a surprise to me; I am actually grateful for the opportunity to draw closer to Mom. Like all Mother-Daughter relationships ours has had its joys, its bumps and scars, but when metal meets grind she know she could always count on her children to be there. When you are a fiercely independent person like my mother having to involve anyone else much less your children in your everyday life is hard. The one thing I can always say about me if no one else it that I am a survivor (I embrace both the positive and negative connotation of the trait) and will always find a way to get it done. I developed that trait as a direct result of Mom and Dad’s parenting and I hope she can find that useful in what is to come.

I’m not one of those people who ask or say “pray for me”; Hashem knows what it to come and we will face it as it does. However, I do accept kind thoughts and advice as given.

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