Super Pet Weedend

I went to the Super Pet Expo in Chantilly VA this weekend to see not only the many DOG related companies but also see Teri and Coco the Couture Cat. It was a cold day with wind chills in the 20s’. If Moshe Moshi were going to be out of the weather I’d have taken him, but Chantilly is a bit too long to be on the subway and then a cab, so he stayed home. I know he missed seeing Miss Coco, but he’ll see her later when the weather warms up.

I always like to go the Expos, if for nothing else to support pet charity causes.  I do go to explore pet products, and yes, I make a point of saying DOG related products because, for some reason, cat companies are not out at these events in high numbers. At the very least, food companies should have no problem coming out to promote themselves. For all other products, I guess they save that up for Global Pet Expo in Florida. Maybe we just need to start going to Florida.  At the very least, the weather would be warm, and the cat presence would be bigger.

Any-woo, it was nice to see Teri and Coco. Of course, Ms. Coco was swamped by admirers, stunned by her beauty, style, and manner. You can’t help it; she’s such a lovely cat.

 There were some cat-themed companies: for example CAT ART FOR LITERARY PEOPLE which I found fascinating. They create Cat art panels drawn in characters from Literature. From what I can see, it’s Western Literature (American, English), but they do take commissions. I think Moshe Moshi would make an excellent Macbeth.

We also managed to pick up a jeans jacket harness for the Moshi Monster from Pursonal Hangups at a reasonable price. After the show, we all went out to eat and chat and then I was on the subway to go home. After a full day on my feet on concrete, I was glad to put my feet up and have my toes warmed by the boyz.


  1. what fun....but it is disappointing that these things are mostly dog stuff

    1. Yeah. Very few toys, only one vendor (resaler) was selling trees, very little in the way of toys. Most of the dog people I talked to said they have a cat at home so I don't get why more cat vendors don't come out. The cat people are there.

  2. Looks like tons of fun - and yes, cats are just not represented as well as they should be at these things, are they?


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