Respecting the Day of Green

Last year, I made a point of not promoting St. Patrick's Day on the blog.  I wished my Irish/Catholic friends a meaningful holiday as I do today, but given that I'm neither Irish or Catholic and I've always been appose to organizers exclusion of the GLBTQ community but not non-Irish or Catholic businesses (and their money) from participating, I've always felt a little uneasy about promoting the holiday on my blog.  I use to get past the unease by posting a JibJab animation (usually about being drunk), but in retrospect that has been worse (shame on me for promoting a stereotype). I graduated from the Catholic University of America and am not appose to Cat holism or Ireland, but since I'm Jewish, they don't need my help in promoting their saints. Still, I have fond memories of being in Irish homes during the holiday in my community where I was always welcomed as family, so again I'm kinda torn.

I watch CBS's Sunday Morning every week and Kevin Cullen, a columnist of the Boston Globe I believed articulated if not my words certainly my sentiments in the duality in this commentary this past Sunday. 

To all my Irish friends; I truly do wish for you a happy and meaningful holiday, certainly in the spirit and acceptance you have shown me.

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