Keep movin', movin', movin' though they're disapprovin'
Keep them dogies movin' Rawhide 
Don't try to understand 'em just rope, throw, and brand 'em 
Soon we'll be living high and wide 
My hearts calculatin' My true love will be waitin' 
Be waitin' at the end of my ride 

Herding cats is not easy, but da boyz and I are moving to new digs (see packing in background). This will be a big change for us and a little bit of a change for the blog.

From the beginning, I always intended Naked and Hungry to be a lifestyle blog; my lifestyle with primarily Moshe Moshi. I was going to focus on changes I wanted to or am making to my lifestyle (health, cooking, and wellbeing) as it relates to my cats. As a person with allergies, living with the very creatures that cause my symptoms I thought could be an area of pet blogging not many people address. It is still what I’d like to do. However, I was finding it difficult; letting my personal anxieties and struggles have the better part of my attention. I hope not to continue on that destructive path.

The Catification tab is gone. Since we are not sure where we will end up I wasn’t sure of what my projects will be. I will still do projects, but they will focus around how I solve giving the cats in interesting/active environment and address my allergies at the same time.

EATING NAKED is a new feature that will focus on diet, my diet. I’ll explain more in the days to come.

SHOP NAKED (a tab you will see go up later once we are settled) will connect you to products and services for your pet as well as exclusives in the DC area.

EVENTS (a tab you will see go up later once we are settled) will be primarily about events in the WDC area. Some will be especially for pets; some about people events in which I take my pets with me (like the many parades here in DC).

Another big reason for this change is that I’ve been asked by a trade organization to write about lifestyle changes with allergies. That will be for a trade newsletter. We are excited for the challenge and will provide a link to the newsletter once the articles start posting.

This is a positive change in what I believe is the right direction for me and the blog. I think you will like it.

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  1. Sounds like a good plan, sometimes change can be good.


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