Hell's Laundromat

I don't have a washer and dryer in my apartment. There are washers and dryers in the basement of my building, but I prefer to go to the laundromat a couple of blocks up from my home (I find it strangely relaxing). Being a person with dust mist and pet dander allergies I do tons of laundry. I have to be vigilant about managing my exposure to the boyz and since it is winter, my exposure to dust in the apartment.

Because I have to wash so often, every Sunday is laundry day. Not only my thing, but also the cat's laundry; not that they are complaining.  They enjoy fresh laundry as much if not more than most people.  I know people must think I'm strange with all the skull stuff they see in my wash (some of the other patrons will do the sign of the "cross" when they pass my washer or dryer), but for my health and well being it's important.

Many people give up their pets when they find they are allergic to them.  If I thought they would be better with someone else I would have too, but the adjustment to this routine has not been that bad; to the contrary I think it make me a more diligent housekeeper (most of the time).


  1. I admire you for being willing to do the extra work so you can still live with your kitties. It breaks my heart when I see so many given up to allergies, babies, etc.

    1. I said the same, thinking people tended to make too quick a decision to rid themselves of their pets rather than TRY first to make it work. However, over time I have softened my view on this. For me there was no question I would keep my kidz and I have no regrets, but the changes I've had to make at the time of my diagnosis and now as I am in the process of moving to a new apartment (unrelated to my allergies), I can empathize with someone deciding they cannot adjust to the changes, especially when children are involved. My whole life has been about adjustment so I saw this less as being about the cats (my allergy to dust mites is effecting me more than their dander) and more about a need to improve my personal environment. Examples; change my bedding every other day, no window blinds only washable drapes, no fans, no w2w carpeting, replacing my furniture and having new furniture cleaned and vacuumed more often than the average, buying only washable items for the cats (they had to give up their electric blanket). I even have to vacuum wearing a surgical mask. It’s challenging but I’m actually having a good time with it. I’m going to be writing a feature about my changes on the blog and for an allergy trade newsletter.


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