Dear Anonymous

There are settings in eBlogger that allows you (the blog administrator) to control how people are able to comment on post. I can moderate or not moderate. I can require people to provide me with a valid email address or not. I can require posters to type a security code, require that they become Google users or Disq. Users, require that they join my newsletter...I can determine what gets posted and how.

I didn't choose to do the security code because as any visually impaired person will tell you; they can’t read the letters/numbers in the image half the time. I didn't want to require anyone to be a member of a specific server; that’s your choice. I’m not collecting email addresses, but I do want to control what comments come up. My biggest pet peeve has always been people using posting to my blog as a way to promote their agendas without my permission. When people put a link to sites in a comment, I usually check out the site first, and then email the person saying I would be happy to help promote a post or website if only you ask for permission first. That usually comes back with a “sure, no problem” but also occasionally makes them my mortal enemy (“how dare you…you stuck up bitch”, was in a recent reply…yeah, I am, so kiss my ass and ask first). Surprisingly I let many pass through especially if it is closely related to things I talk about on the blog. However, this is also a way for spammers to get in.

I had one spammer lately latch on to one of my post from last year. The content was okay so I let it post (it was an old post after all). Then of course I get bombed by 75 comments, all anonymous, all with links. I actually had to delete the post to stop the comments. Because I do moderate all my comments none are posting. I just tell Google to mark it as spam and they automatically go to that folder, I don't even see them.  I do get a daily email tell me what did get sent to spam so I can go through it and see if something accidentally was directed to the folder.  My anonymous spammer did try to latch on to my Pi-Day post after that and they are getting the same result; nothing. So let me just message my anonymous poster.

Dear Anonymous, you're an idiot. If you would just apply yourself and get a real job you actually get a girlfriend and give your hand and wrist a rest.


  1. LOL!! Loving your last sentence. Faraday offers to go nip him. But then again, he's underage and needs to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


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