All That and a Bag of Chips

So I'm on @Twitter the other day and I see a tweet from @theblendergirl who is absolutely giddy about her new Kitchenaid Proline 4-slice toaster: I quipped on the banality of being excited over a toaster.

This is the toaster: Cool retro 50's vibe I like, but does it do more than toast?

Because I'm a Kitchenaid fan I just HAD to read about this miracle of toasting. You know what; It will keep your toast warm for a couple of minutes it you can't get to it immediately. It will defrost you English muffin and then toast it. It will toast your bagel on just the cut side. if your toast doesn't quite come out as dark as you want it will toast it in small increments so you can get it just I said; a lot of buttons for just toast.

I'm thinking this thing at $500 (that right naked fans, five hund-ed Dooolas!) it would toast my grill cheese sandwich or my buttered sourdough bread like my $45, 15 year-old T-Fal POS that I have made a total fire hazard by placing buttered bread into it still works and I can get it to do all of that. (BTW- they still sell my model for $45 at Wally World). I can't say even if I had $500 to throw on a toaster I would buy this one; reviews are either it does what it says or it doesn't which for that kind of money it should do it every time and more. (My #Breville Toaster Oven at half the price looks good and can roast the boyz a chicken...and toast.)

The bitch in me really wanted to rag on this for a bit, after all it IS just a toaster, but I gonna B-nice. Bet it looks great on the better.

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