We spent our Wednesday night scoping out the Hotel Pennsylvania, looking at some of the dogs coming in for the Westminster Dog Show.

We had a whirlwind Thursday walking the streets (we were wrapped up tight 'cause it's cold here) and did some shopping at Macy's.  We had many fans come up to say hello.


Then after lunch and a little rest, we dressed in our 60's best and showed at the NY PET FASHION SHOW. Coco, the Couture Cat, had many fans of her book there and the other attendees were simply fabulous!  We will see many of those at other events I'm sure. For now, we are about to do more shopping. It's 19° here, so I think we will break out the fur coats! Doggies in Tiaras is tonight.

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  1. We've been following you guys on facebook. Looks like you're having FUN!!!


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