Doggies in Tiaras

The Doggies in Tiara is an annual event in New York to benefit the Yorkie 911 Rescue.  This is a full pageant where contestants are judged on talent, beauty, and poise, which as a cat owner I can only wonder about the standard of beauty (everyone thinks their "baby" is beautiful, including me).  Don't let some of the contestants fool you; there is some big pet celebrates that show for this event like the famous/infamous Bella Mia, the Bichon Frise talked about in News and tabloids (her owners spend $100.000 annually in clothing and beauty care on the pampered little dog).  She is a therapy dog and regularly does fundraisers as does most of the contestants, but I think it's more about the fun and camaraderie that draws most of the attendees.February 2015).

This year's event is on Friday the 13th (of February 2015) at the Toyota of Manhattan dealership.


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