Cooties in my Bed - Words for Wednesday

Ever notice when you are anxious about something you get bombarded with facing it?  When I was trying to quit smoking (non-smoker for seven years, yea!), every other commercial that came on TV was about smoking addiction medication. I'd go to the store, and my brand would be on sale. I'd sit in a park alone, and suddenly I'm surrounded, and every person was smoking a cigarette, and I was craving one.  You know what I'm talking about.

So I'm going to NYC next week, and while shoring up my packing list, my local news is on the TV with a story; "New Bed Bug Species," along with an Entomology Professor from the University of Maryland to assure me I'm gonna come home with cooties. I go to my knitting group the next day and talk about the commercial and my upcoming trip and receive lots of advice on what I should do to prevent this; THEN when I come home to get the mail, there is a flyer ad coupon about bed bug infestation.  This morning at work; an email from a coworker with this infographic.  I should just buy one of those body-sized condoms.  Wonder if they come in cat size?

Hotel Bed Bug Infographic
Graphic by Moxie Pest Control


  1. Here's wishing you good luck in NYC! Bed bugs are nasty critters. I've know a few people who have had to deal with them. Ick! It looks like you are getting all the right information to prevent them though.

  2. Bed bugs are terrible things!

  3. Hello there. I have to say that it is a good deed what Carol Meir is doing. I had to give you a shout out since meeting you and ur cat in Macys where my little baby girl pet ur cat. Much love, and respect to you both. Keep doing what you do by helping pets. By the way, my cats were both homeless pets so to rescue them was a honor for me cause I am such a cat lover myself.


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