Be a Dentist You Sicko

It's a shame that I can't hear the word "Dentist" and not think of Little Shop of Horrors. I am one of those people that are not a fan of the practice.  I've had my fair share of issues. Only had five cavities in my entire life.  I have a chipped tooth that required a crown.  I had teeth pulled when I needed braces as a kid, and my wisdom teeth pulled when one had a deep cavity (when one has to go, the Dentist will usually remove them all). However, I have a weird placement of nerves in my mouth that makes it hard to numb me, so I always dread a visit. 

The Moshi Monster is off to the Vet to have his teeth cleaned this morning.  It had occurred to me late in my Westminster prep that he should have a cleaning.  I tried to get him cleaned before we went off to pet fashion week events (the Vet was running a special price since it is Pet Dental Month) and they (his Vet) were booked solid.  We had to settle for today.  Staining aside, he really does need it.  My other two naked kidz never did well at the Dentist; Jake had to have all of his teeth pulled due to gum disorder, and the late Miss Maus had half of her teeth pulled out due to resorption.  Moshe Moshi has been fortunate with cleaning in the past; never needed anything more than plaque removal and a good polishing.  His teeth are stained from the type of food he was eating (the PetKind Venison).  I don't care much about that, just want him to have healthy choppers.

Purrs and good thoughts for him, please.   

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