Would YOU Buy This

I'm amazed at times the things people will buy for their pets.  One can say if you got the money why not, but I wonder how or if people think about it throughly. Yes, hypocritical on my part because I know my family sometimes always thinks I'm nuts for buying coats for my naked kidz or the cat tree that coast as much as a living room chair (which I need badly).  I believe I can justify my purchases from the balance btw necessity and style, but then again a cheaper alternative to anything I buy can be found.  However, I do always premise what I buy with "Why do I/they need this?" Sometimes rational, other times emotional, but I always know why.
Would you buy this?!

Dog Umbrella

I just did a post about raincoat haters.
Yes, I know they do these for charity, and I'm attending one in a couple of weeks, but for this one, which last year made the Guinness Record Book, the dog dress alone was $10,000, the whole wedding was about $300,000. 

Okay, I freely admit if I had this kind of cash to toss around, I would pay $1400 (+shipping / handling) to get this, but I would feel terribly used by the boyz if they didn't just love it.
Crazy doesn't have to be expensive, but with as much insane shit as I put on my cats; even I wouldn't do this to them.

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