Panic at the Disco

This post has nothing to do with Disco NoFurNo or cats...well, my naked boyz were a bit upset that I was home late, but all was forgiven after dinner.  The Disco reference is more about how ill-designed and unpopular the transit authority is here in DC #WMATASUCKS

For all that texted and called I am fine.  Yes, it is my subway and I was there when this happened.  I was on the platform and not on the train.  Scary moments, no leadership from WMATA coming out of the subway, horrible commute home, but considering a woman died, three people are in critical condition and 80 were sent to area hospitals all for smoke inhalation, I find myself fortunate.  I have COPD and it was hard coming out, but I was close to the entrance and just went back into my office until thinks quieted down, which didn't happen quickly.  Took me a couple of hours to get home, some cat kisses, toasted bread for my nausea and and several  Harvey Wallbangers' later and I was okay.

Good incentive to start walking to work again.


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