I Can't Get No Satisfaction - Words for Wednesday

It’s an old Rolling Stones song for sure, but along with aging rock stars, the title is also true for aging cats. My Jake has always been a talker. I remember when I first went to the breeder's home who had been trying for a while to adopt him out. She made a point of telling me he was very "vocal." The two previous adoption attempts had ended in less than a week before they brought him back. Though it gets on my nerves from time to time, I find it endearing, even funny. I'm sure my friends don't much like it (girl, how can you stand that noise?), but he's mine so kiss off. In the video I'm not short about his talking; I'm just not sure all the time what it is he wants. He's usually pretty direct about things; I want food, Woman, it is cold, gets off the phone, too much time on the tablet/computer. Now that he's 12 things aren't as clear-cut about what he wants. The vet says he's doing well; we've always wanted him to gain more weight. I guess like all old beings we just have to wait him out. Maybe I'll train him to do the "Harlem Shuffle" to occupy his time.

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