Friday Night Cap or Cat

Most of you know we be Jewish. Every Friday night, dinner is served with wine, both ritually and celebratory (the joy of Shabbat).  Though the naked kidz don't get to hang out with me for the ritual part, they do benefit from the celebratory; getting to have a special treat when I return from services.  I often pour me a glass (or two...three) of wine and the boyz, and I snuggle before we sleep for the evening.  Jake often tries to sample my drink (he thinks every open cup is an invitation for him to have a drink) so I always have to keep my hand on my glass or get him a bowl of goats' milk or ice cream to distract him from mine.  But now that deception may be over.

Never Drink Alone Again Because Now There’s Wine for Cats from TIME (online)

You never have to drink alone again, because now you can drink with your cats. At least in Japan you can, because a Japanese company called B&H Lifes has begun selling wine made specifically for cats.

This special feline libation is called “Nyan Nyan Nouveau.” As Kotaku reports, “Nyan Nyan” is the Japanese equivalent of “meow meow.” (Oh hey, remember Nyan Cat?) This cat wine doesn’t contain any alcohol, but it does contain juice made from Cabernet grapes, along with catnip. So just accept it. It’s wine. For cats.

Nyan Nyan Nouveau costs 399 yen (or $4) for a bottle, and the company is only producing a thousand of them, so you should probably act fast.

POSTSCRIPT: this article was from an October 2013 publishing.  Assuming they make more, the Chinese bought it up or made a version.  If you have a friend/family in Japan, China or Taiwan, have them look it up at PARAPET To Cheers

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