Days Coffee Should Be Free

Two truths abut snow and Washington DC; its the prettiest city in the snow and Washingtonians are the WORST drivers when it snows. The temps are in the single digits, the side streets and walks are still icy/snowed in and the line for coffee is entirely too long.  The only creature who seemed to enjoy this weather is Bao Bao, the young Panda at the National Zoo.  It was a first snow for her and she made her time outside in the powder count. Maybe that will be a metaphor for me; make it count.  Na, too much like "Field of Dreams" and I don't like baseball.


  1. OMG! Do you believe I didn't even KNOW about this blog????????????? I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG! Please, please put "follow by email" on your sidebar (and let me know when you have), so that I may follow you! Thank you for the lovely holiday card (I am so behind opening mail because of Cody having been ill) Love, Caren and Cody We want to follow you!

    1. I usually ask that people follow me on Bloglovin', but just for you I put it back up ♥


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