A Grumpy New Year

Hello, Inter-webs people!  Hope your 2015 is starting out well.  We've been wonderfully productive with our goals for the year.  I (CHo) had quite a bit of time off from work this season (THANK YOU PRESIDENT OBAMA & SMITHSONIAN). It gave me and the boyz time to cuddle and reconnect, clean, organize and catch up. Though most of our time was work; we took the time on January 1, 2015, to catch up on our TIVO recordings.  We watched the usual for this winter holiday: A Christmas Carol (any off-shoot of the story). It's my favorite Dickens story, and I write the studio after viewing on how they either illuminated or bastardized Dickens (usually the latter, Dickens must be dizzy from all that rolling around he did in his grave last year). 

There were surprisingly few Christmas specials.  I guess the networks are becoming aware that the Xmas special generation is too old to know who Blake Shelton is (other than that he's on The Voice, I still don't know). We did manage to watch Grumpy Cat Worst Christmas Ever. For all the haters out there, while you were complaining you forgot that it was a Lifetime show; not the place for high artistic, revolutionary programming.  It was sappy and silly; the acting was terrible, and the story plot was nonexistent...bravo Lifetime!  Can't wait to see what you do next year (and yes, I will watch it again), because of #GrumpyGettin'Paid!

Postscript: we forgot to say the best TV we did during the holiday is what is becoming a tradition for us: Lil' Bub fireplace videos.  Much better than the Yule Log.

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