We've Checked it Twice

The cards are all addressed and ready to go (only 65 this year).  Friends should start getting them sometime next week.  It was a tough card to make this year. We have begun late for the planning and design, so I'm glad it's finished. I don't think I've missed anyone on the list...hope not.

Anyone bothered by that holiday song; Santa Claus is Coming to Town?  I have always thought it was creepy.  I'm sure that wasn't the intent, but it makes Santa seem more like a stalker or peeping tom than a benevolent elf.  A friend incorporated the tradition of the "Shelf Elf" a couple of years ago to keep her grandchildren in line.  It goes up on her shelf Thanksgiving night and comes down on the morning of Christmas Eve.  The Elf reports to her if the kids misbehave and she tells Santa (so they believe).  She says her daughter reports that it works well.

I hope they save up enough money for the therapy the children will need later in life.  I wonder if that would work for cats?

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