Office Inspiration from my Cats

Everyone in the office knows I have naked cats.  I do bring them in from time to time and when they are not present people often ask how they are doing. That's because when I miss a day from work, more than likely it has something to do with them.

It being the holiday season, the office decided to have a cubicle decorating contest.  I don't often participate in a contest, especially about Christmas.  It has nothing to do with me being Jewish; I rather enjoy Christmas and decorating.  It because I tend to over-think these things and no one seems to get the juxtaposition I present.  Example; I put up a picture of the Cats in Star Wars outfits last year on the 4th of May with a meme "May the 4th be with you every year". No one got it.  You're reading this right now, and you probably don't get it either.  That's okay.

I decided to have a bit of a cat theme, but with a twist.  I found this Cat wrapping paper at Target and bought several mice and a black Santa.  The mice are carrying lights and my favorite things up to Santa (I am known for going to Starbucks every day).  I had a little chalked signed that said; "Don't let them fool you; them mice are stirring plenty," as an ode to Clement Clarke Moore.  Again, no one got it.  So I put up a happy holidays sign instead.  I was going to make Santa put his hands up, yeah...too much.

I think the winner gets a Starbucks card or a free lunch at Cosmo (buffet place in the building).  I doubt I will win, but at least I stayed true to myself, such as it is.

Maybe next year I'll do a Hanukkah display about the Maccabees and the war they fought to cleanse the temple of idols.  That will really confuse 'em.

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