How We Roll (Or Not)

They were never wild about the color, but we were glad to have a stroller. As is the custom during cooler months I place fleece over the top and inside. The boyz tend to use the stroller as a bed anyway so this just makes it nicer. Only problem is that they spend more time outside the stroller than inside, or should i say on top of it.

They have taken to laying out on top of the stroller.

At this point it is not hurting the stroller, but it wasn't designed for this and I hope it doesn't cave.

 They do look cute though.

1 comment:

  1. Hrm, that DOES look comfy, though, we must admit! Our mom totally failed at making homemade cards this year, so she's *cough* BUYING them. *eyeroll* You should get yours soon though!!


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