After X-Mas Bounty Round-Up

Our holiday was peaceful and quiet. The boyz had received their holiday gifts early this year; they got catnip toys and new coats. It was very cold around Thanksgiving and for the holiday visitations we do every year, so they needed to have their coats at that time. 


As usual, the only thing they seem to ask for (other than more food) is a West Paw toy. I like the company's quality, mission and that it is here in the USA. Jake only plays with West Paw catnip toys; he likes the quality of their weed, so he received his mouse, blue for Hanukkah. Moshe Moshi is not a big catnip fan, but he does like round toys with beads that make noise inside. I was pleased to see that one of West Paw's new cat toy is Lil' Chick, a fuzzy toy that is round enough to roll and has a bead inside. Both boyz were very pleased with their gifts. 

 The coats are made by RC Pets. They both received the Skyline Puffy Vests. Moshe Moshi got the Legion Blue/Teal and Jake the Pumpkin/Ink. The vests are reversible and each has a slot for a leash! Velcro makes it really easy to get your pet in and out of the vest quickly. You might ask why indoor cats would need such a vest. Well, the boyz do travel with me and at times since I do not drive, are a bit more in the elements than the usual naked cats. Whether they are in the stroller or in their carrier; if I have to walk a ways with them in cold weather, anything that can maintain their body heat and allow them to still move is a plus. They enjoy the warmth, believe me. 

 I hope yours was as pleasant and peaceful as ours…Happy Holidays!

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