Abandoned By Santa

So we were all dressed up to go and get our picture taken with Santa on Sunday, only to arrive and find that Santa had left early...way early.  The story told to me was the photographer had a sick parent. Santa thinking since there was no photographer, we might as well go too.

Not mad at the store: this was a fundraiser for the Washington Humane Society; their photographer, their Santa.  Wasn't too miffed at the photographer, although if they had a sick parent, they should have scheduled this for another day.  If WHS knew of the situation, they should have made changes.  It's Santa that I'm mad at.

Okay, so we're Jewish, so I do that Santa-thing just for kicks, but where your Xmas resourcefulness? You still could have made this a fundraiser event.  Sit and have people take out their cell phones.  A small donation and I think we would have been perfectly satisfied with that.  Boo on Santa for being so short sighted.

Look, you can see the disappointment on their faces.  I had to take them out to PETCO and COSTCO with me to make amends.

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